Acrylic Photo Print

Acrylic Photo Print

Acrylic is a transparent material such as glass but has different characteristics. acrylic is actually made of very hard plastic or scientifically called pholymethyl methacrylate. The use of acrylic in the creative industry is certainly very much like to make a signboard, trophies and the most often a request of our customers that is used as a photo print media or acrylic photo print.

Then, why is acrylic the first choice for our customers compared to glass? This is very clear considering the characteristics of this material itself which is very suitable as a craft media. The material is flexible, lightweight, not easy to fade, not easily broken and there are a variety of color choices but still transparent makes its own advantages. So if you are interested in using acrylic as your creation, we are ready to do it according to your request. As an option for acrylic buffer media, besides using bolts, we also provide borderless acrylic.

Here are the results of the work of our acrylic products.


Interested in making Acrylic Photo Print now?

We Niti Mandala Printing provides printing and acrylic maker services. Of course with high quality.

What are the advantages for acrylic in us?

Considering we are a printing company that has been dealing with printing for a long time. We understand and know your needs in this matter.

  • Print results with Sharp Color, Fast Process and quality priority.
  • We have a design team if you don’t have a design for your acrylic.
  • Accept any custom as long as it is still within reasonable limits.

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