Flyer, Poster, Brochure

Flyer, Poster, Brochure

Flyer, poster and brochure are among the most popular print promotion media. The 3 promotional media contain information about our company. Whether it’s a product, event, or discount that we want to convey.

But you know? That of the 3 media has a striking difference. Such as differences in media size (paper size), content of information, and how to market it.

Now we will peel what are Flyers, Posters and Brochures.


What is Flyer ?

flayer niti mandala printing Flyer , Poster dan Brosur

Flyer is printed media in the form of sheets which are usually only printed single without folds and minimal information or only to the point. So, on the flyer we only need to fill out the information in outline and focus on eye catching design to attract our customers / targets.

What is meant by eye catching design? So, using the flyer as a promotional medium. We must prepare a design that can attract attention, whether striking colors, cool illustrations, the use of attractive fonts. But still maintaining a good design and basic information.

Is the flyer suitable for promotion? the answer is suitable but remember its function. Flyers only contain important points. For example, we want to create an event like the picture above. In general, people who get our flayer just glance and stop using our flayer. Are our flayers removed? It could be, because the name of the flyer itself comes from Fly which means to fly and its functions are disposable.


What is Poster ?

Contoh Poster Niti Mandala Printing Flyer , Poster dan Brosur

Poster is a print media that has a medium to large size and has a content or design that is full of images / illustrations and text. Generally posters are used to describe the overall information and together with supporting photos / images as magnets for customers / targets.

The poster itself is suitable for all functions including the promotion itself. The large size combined with the eye catching design becomes the best and accurate blend. However, compared to Flyers and Brochures. The poster has a price that is not cheap and the method of marketing is not face to face. So, our poster can only be displayed by displaying it on the wall. And even then we as marketing must be able to research the right place so that it is easy to reach our target.


What is Brochure ?

contoh brosur simpel niti mandala printing Flyer , Poster dan Brosur Flyer , Poster dan Brosur

Brochures are print media that usually have a variety of displays and have a lot of information contained therein. Because of the large amount of information contained, making the size of the brochure itself large and varied.

Brochures are in great demand by businesses to promote their products because they have a high chance. Why ? because in the brochure consists of a lot of information that we want to convey, different from the flyer to the point.

The brochure itself is also different from the flyer which has a light spread. Usually the brochure can be stored by the target / customer who gets our brochure. Because psychologically, people will keep our brochures because they need the information contained therein.

So the brochure is very suitable to use. But the price offered is certainly above the Flyer.


Choose Flyers, Poster and Brochure

It would be very efficient if you can determine when to use flyers, brochures or posters.


Use it when you want to spread concise and concise information to the target quickly. Because the flyer deployment is very easy but has a weakness in reaching the target.


Use brochures when you want to spread a lot of information and long term. The brochure is very good and complete, but it is very inefficient if used as a promotional medium such as a flyer who wants to get to the target quickly.


The poster is very suitable for long-term and safe use. Because posters themselves are the way to disseminate, which are only displayed on the wall with the intention of attracting the target to read without giving the poster itself. Said to be safe if you are able to make eye catching designs so that your posters are not redundant displayed without being read by the target.


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