Glossy Photo Print

Glossy Photo Print

Glossy Photo Print Method for Photography –

This paper is a material that is certainly familiar to someone who is struggling in the world of photo printing. Having a rough and shiny texture makes this material superior in producing high-quality photos. But given the characteristics of this material which are sticky, easily scratched, and can leave fingerprint marks, we always recommend to our customers to include laminate as a protective layer of material. Or if you don’t want to get rid of the glossy effect too, we also recommend using glass so that the prints can be durable and long lasting.

Below is an example of our product.


Interested in Glossy Printing now?

We Niti Mandala Printing provides Glossy Photo printing services. Of course with high quality and custom on paper sizes.

What are the advantages of Glossy Photo Print on us?

Considering we are a printing company that has been dealing with printing for a long time. We understand and know your needs in this matter.

  • Print results with Sharp Color, Fast Process and quality priority.
  • We have a design team if you don’t have a design yet.
  • Accept any custom as long as it is still within reasonable limits.

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