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PVC / Easy Banner is a printed material made from Polyvinyl chloride, which is a kind of high-tech plastic component that has long durability. PVC banner is a high quality material for banners, this material is suitable for those of you who want a banner for installation in a long time, because this material is not easily curved and more durable than banner material in general. Usually this PVC material is very suitable for printing Banners, X-Banners, Roll up banners, and Hang Up banners.

A Brief Explanation of Various Kinds of Banners


This banner is said to be X because the buffer used is in the form of the letter X. The grill / pole used is made of aluminum pipe so it is suitable and lightweight to carry anywhere.


Roll Up Banner

Roll Up Banner Niti Mandala Printing

This is a banner that has more practicality than other types of banners. Usually, this banner is just a way to use it up and down. The concept of rolls on this banner is pretty good and simple.

Because of its superiority, this type of banner is quite a lot of enthusiasts and thanks to the supporting material / pole which is also made of aluminum pipe makes it lighter to carry anywhere.

Hang Up Banner

Hang Up Banner Niti Mandala Printing Bali

Different from the two above, this banner is a banner that does not use roasters. But using a rope as a balancing medium so that the banner can be seen as a whole.

Generally this banner is used for a large display, mounted by tying a banner string to other objects.

Are You Ready To Print Your Banner Now?

We Niti Mandala Printing provides X-Banner printing services, Roll up banners, and Hang Up banners. Of course with high quality, custom on paper and design.

What are the advantages of print banner from us?

Considering we are a printing company that has been dealing with printing for a long time. We understand and know your needs in this matter.

  • Print results with Sharp Color, Fast Process and quality priority.
  • We have a design team if you don’t have an X-Banner design, a Roll up banner, and a Hang Up banner.
  • Accept any custom as long as it is still within reasonable limits.

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