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Books, Catalogs, Magazines and Calendars

Want to print books or magazines, or catalogs and calendars? Consider the following difference.


Objects that are inherent in our daily lives have diverse designs and contents. Usually, books are used as a note-taking and reading / learning media.

Books have various types based on their contents. Of course that makes the book has a different manufacturing process. Like a notebook / note with a spiral.



Is a collection of data / information about something that is sorted alphabetically or by other sequence logic. Generally we can find it in book form.

Usually made by a company / business that wants to convey information about their products in order.


Usually the calendar itself contains a date or time within a year. But day after day, the calendar now has an increasingly unique look like a desk calendar and wall calendar.


Contains articles – articles that have been published and published regularly by the publisher. Magazines usually have a different and attractive appearance.

Are You Ready to Print Your Book Now?

We, Niti Mandala Printing, provide printing services and make books, souvenirs, catalogs and calendars. Of course with high quality, custom on paper and design.

What are the advantages of printing our books?

Considering we are a printing company that has been dealing with printing for a long time. We understand and know your needs in this matter.

  • Print results with Sharp Color, Fast Process and quality priority.
  • We have a design team if you don’t have a book, catalog, magazine and calendar design.
  • Accept any custom as long as it is still within reasonable limits.

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