Invitation, Greeting Card, Post Card

Invitation, Greeting Card, Post Card

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Before printing an invitation / greeting / postcard, it helps us understand first.

When planning to invite, give a speech, promote your brand / business, send a message. There are many ways you can do it like using Poster, Flyer or Brochure. But you know? of all the methods available, using invitation cards, greeting cards and postcards can be a great alternative choice. Even though it sounds old-fashioned, the 3 cards actually have their own strength to be the right choice.

Let’s search one by one.


Invitation Card

Kartu Undangan / Invitation Card Niti mandala Printing

From the name alone can be guessed, the invitation card. Generally, the invitation card itself is used to invite guests, or invitations to an event / celebration.

There are 2 types of invitation cards:

  1. Formal Invitation
  2. Informal Invitation

and informal invitations are further divided into 2:

  • Card
  • Letter

Then what are the advantages of using Invitation Cards or invitation cards?

The advantage is that we can approach personally and can attract the recipient’s heart / target from the invitation card.

For promotion

In addition to the above advantages, invitation cards can also give a special impression for each individual / target recipient.


Greeting Card

Greeting card / Kartu ucapan Niti Mandala Printing

Hearing the word “Greeting Card”, you will immediately imagine words or sentences that contain certain hopes or feelings.

The function of the greeting card itself is to convey congratulations, sorrow and prayer in written form.

What are the benefits of Invitation Cards?

Of course, greeting cards have a value that can only be felt by the recipient. From the psychological when people get this card, they feel happy, feel comfortable and are considered.

For promotion

Of course, using greeting cards will increase our value as card senders and foster respect and bond. It is suitable to keep our customers happy to use our services / products.


Post Card

Post Card / kartu pos Niti Mandala Printing

In this day and age, using postcards has begun rarely because it has begun to be replaced by gadgets / smartphones. Post cards themselves are considered to have artistic value and others, therefore some people still use post cards.

What are the benefits of Post Card?

Post cards themselves have the direct advantage of saving time, meaning that the recipient can directly read the contents of the letter without the need to open the envelope.

That is all ? No, the price offered can certainly reduce spending from others. Information that can be filled is also quite a lot depending on the space and size of the paper provided. And quite a lot of people who like to save post cards, because it has an attractive and unique design.

For promotion

Besides being able to attract hearts, our postcards containing our brand / business are stored / collected by consumers can also give a special and luxurious impression. Many big brands use this card for promotion so that their consumers continue to use their services / products.

Interested in printing your card now?

We Niti Mandala Printing provides invitation card, greeting and postcard printing services. Of course, with high quality and custom paper size and type of paper.

What are the advantages of printing our cards?

Considering we are a printing company that has been dealing with printing for a long time. We understand and know your needs in this matter.

  • Print results with Sharp Color, Fast Process and quality priority.
  • We have a design team if you don’t have invitation cards, greeting cards and post cards.
  • Accept any custom as long as it is still within reasonable limits.

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